Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mobile Internet Data Timer Android App (Smart way to use mobile internet)

Do you have limited internet data pack?

Are you running out of mobile internet data every month?

Here is the way to use your mobile data smartly...
Data Timer for Android

This app will help you to save your internet data, battery life, time and money by automatically turning on and off your mobile data at given time.

  • Automatic turning on/off mobile data at given time.
  • Periodic mobile data on and off.
  • Mobile data can be turned off automatically on given date. Generally we set last date of our mobile data internet pack.
  • Mobile data can be turned off automatically at given battery level.
  • Notification shown when mobile data turning on/off by this app.
  • One touch mobile data on/off button.


  • Save mobile data bytes.
  • Periodic mobile data on and off sets you free, by delivering updates on certain interval.
  • Save battery life.
  • Save money as it saves mobile data bytes.
  • You can have sound sleep at night by not getting disturbed by your mobile.
Click here to download free version of this app.

Data Timer
Data Timer
Set Time
Data Timer
Set Date
Data Timer
Set Periodic Interval for Internet

Data Timer Android

Note: All the operations performed by this app are with primary SIM card only, so if you use dual SIM mobile make sure that the SIM with active data pack is in primary SIM slot.

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